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Tulip Girl / Lale Kız


2024 Lale Kız, Türkiye Kültür Yolu Festivali, DG Art Gallery & Projects, İstanbul

58 Meydanı, Urfa


Sultan Adler, born in Bremen, Germany, received her bachelor’s degree from Bremen University of Fine Arts and her master’s degree from Berlin Weißensee Art Academy in 2015. Her works have been exhibited in numerous fairs and group and solo exhibitions in Germany, Austria and Turkey and are included in many private collections. She uses elements from Turkish culture and history in her works. Adler, who stands out with her use of the inverted tulip sapling in each of her lines, continues her works in Germany and Istanbul. The works of artist Sultan Adler, who is a part of D&G Art Project, whose inverted tulip saplings are hidden in each line, will take place in the Culture Road Festival this year. In the works of Sultan Adler, who continues to work internationally, within the scope of the “Blue Series”, the depictions of inverted tulips viewed from above, composed with circular lines, reveal the beauty and mystery of nature with an abstract interpretation. Inverted tulip saplings sprouting in each line constitute the characteristic and depth of the blue series. Despite using an abstract language, the artist manages to blend his observations in nature with lines to give her works an element of movement. When viewed at length, these lines turn into a show of tulips about to bloom, swaying and dancing in the wind. Sultan Adler not only offers a visual richness through inverted tulips, which are considered a treasure of our culture and have a special importance as a protected species, but also reveals the hidden meanings of these flowers. She aims to capture the essence of nature in her circular canvases and each “Blue Series” work is an abstract interpretation of inverted tulips. The abstract dance of inverted tulips invites the viewer into the rhythm and mystery of nature. The inverted tulip sculptures, which are a continuation of the blue series, are a representation of the Anatolia and formally reflect the silhouette of an elegant woman. The face and hair of the female figure in the artist’s sculptures are represented by inverted tulip petals. The works of Sultan Adler, who re-imagines the Anatolian woman from a different perspective with a contemporary interpretation, meet with art lovers in different provinces of Turkey and then abroad within the scope of the Culture Road Festival, will be issued on25.05.2024 Urfa, Samsun, Nevşehir, İstanbul, Diyarbakır, Antalya.